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Our team of experts keeps a close eye on developments in tax law and financial regulation. Our blog is where they interpret the ever-changing statutory landscape in plain English, highlighting what’s important and offering practical advice on what businesses can do to avoid pitfalls or seize the opportunities presented.

Spring Statement – Your Summary of the Key Points

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, delivered his Spring Statement on 23 March. Faced with the task of creating a ‘strong economy’ for the UK, against the challenging background of high inflation, rising costs and the threat of conflict in Europe, he...

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Company Year End Preparations: time to get ready

As your company year end date gets closer, there are a number of administrative and financial tasks to start planning for – so it’s a good idea to get yourself organised and ready. There are several things to check, either on the year end date, or...

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Choosing the Right Apps for Your Business

Want to create the perfect app stack for your business? Come and talk to us. We’ll help you navigate the Xero app store and create a perfectly connected and integrated Xero system.  Software technology has evolved massively in the past decade, with...

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Utilising Your Pension to Cut Inheritance Tax

Pensions usually fall outside of your Estate. Inheritance tax was thought to be ripe for reform in last year’s Autumn Budget but, as it happened, it was left untouched for another tax year. What that means is the £325,000 nil rate band has been in...

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Getting Ready for the Extension of Making Tax Digital

Keeping the UK’s tax system running effectively and up to date with advances in technology is no easy task. But the introduction of the Government’s ‘Making Tax Digital (MTD)’ initiative is intended to solve this problem, by moving most taxation...

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How to Extract Profits Out of a Company

Tax efficient advice for limited company directors. Believe it or not, there are more than 4.7 million limited companies registered in the UK, including the 810,316 incorporations that signed up in 2020/21. Only around 2m are actively trading, but...

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Tax is Not So Taxing at Horsfield & Smith Accountants

Press Release Issued on 27 January 2022 Re: Tax is Not So Taxing at Horsfield & Smith Accountants Bury Chartered Accountants, Horsfield & Smith, are celebrating exam success after two of their members of staff have recently achieved the ATT...

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How Should You Structure Your Business?

Business structures are essential for tax purposes. If you’re looking to join the 4.3 million people in the UK who made the jump into self-employment, you might be wondering how to start your new business. Assuming you’ve weighed up the pros and...

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Steering Manufacturing SMEs Towards Digitalisation

Press Release - issued on 11 January 2022 Bury Accountants, Horsfield & Smith, are delighted to have joined forces with Belfast based manufacturing software provider, Flowlens. As partners with Flowlens and manufacturing accounting specialists,...

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