Most parents have made no legal provision to determine who would look after their children if they were to pass away, according to research.

A study of 2,002 adults by Direct Line Life Insurance found that 65% of parents had not made any legal arrangements for this event, such as writing a will.

Meanwhile, 42% hadn't even discussed the issue with their partner.

Jane Morgan, business manager at Direct Line Life Insurance, said that while this is a difficult issue for parents to contemplate, "it is incredibly important to have a plan in place should the worst happen".

Among those who had discussed their plans, 31% wouldn't leave money from their estate to the potential guardian, with 30% preferring to leave the estate in trust to their child.

Morgan added:

"To prevent a custody battle, parents should make a legal provision for those who would be primary carers for their children, ensuring they would be happy to take on the responsibility.

"While they may be happy to step in, some people may struggle with the financial implications of bringing up someone else's child, so it is important to consider this too."

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