The Welsh Government has proposed a number of changes to second homes and holiday lets, including rent controls and an overhaul of council tax.

Most significant for landlords was a proposal to allow local planning authorities to issue article four directions on plans to change the purpose of a primary dwelling.

"If implemented, this would mean planning permission would be needed to move homes between the different uses of primary, secondary homes and short-term holiday lets", the Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, explained.

A public consultation of article four directions has been launched.

During her speech to the Welsh Parliament, James said:

"We want young people to have a realistic prospect of buying or renting affordable homes in the places they have grown up, so they can live and work in their local communities."

But many landlords with property in Wales are warning the changes would cause them to ‘sell up' or charge extra in rent.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, told the Telegraph:

"It is frustrating that rather than look for solutions which encourage the increased supply of homes, politicians are looking to scapegoat landlords as the cause of the rising cost of living."

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