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We are Horsfield & Smith

Our firm has been in business for more than a century, combining deep local roots and a great tradition of customer care with a forward-thinking approach to business. Whether it’s crunching numbers to process your payroll, guiding you through UK tax law, or filling the role of trusted advisers, we give our clients the freedom to think big.

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Our services

Horsfield & Smith provides a full range of business advisory and tax services through a team of specialists. Though we give special emphasis to strategic advice, putting your professional and personal needs right at the centre, we’re just as sharp on compliance and on practical delivery – the doing as well as the thinking.


Dealing with the past

Giving you peace of mind

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Working in the present

Giving you your time back

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Looking to the future

Making your business and taxes work for you

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What our clients say

We asked the business people we support to talk about the experience of working with Horsfield & Smith. And they’re ambitious, no-nonsense folk, so you can be sure when they say they’re happy with our accountancy services, they mean it.

“It’s been great working with the team at Horsfield and Smith. They are really capable, approachable, knowledgeable and a friendly team. They have time to listen to any financial questions and they are prompt in getting back to you with the answers”

Busy Bins


The best advisers have the knack of translating technical talk and the language of bureaucracy into plain English. Driven by our experts’ professional interest in tax policy and frequently asked questions from clients, we provide an ongoing stream of incisive commentary that shines a light on issues affecting your business and your wealth.

What we can do for you

Find out more about the full range of business and tax advisory services Horsfield & Smith offers to businesses and individuals across Greater Manchester and the North West of England and see how we can help you achieve your goals for growth.