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Finance direction

SME owners and managers are busy. They don’t have the time to act as accountants on top of everything else, even if they have the expertise. But hiring a full-time financial director can be an expensive commitment. This is where our virtual FD service comes in.


A Virtual FD carries out the role of a full time financial director on a part-time basis, acting as trusted adviser, business coach and strategic expert.

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘virtual’ – though ready access online or by telephone is part of the deal, they’ll also be there in person for key meetings, getting to know you and your team.

They’ll also learn your business and industry inside out, offering ongoing analysis of your company’s performance, as well as providing an objective view on its strengths and weaknesses.

They can also guide you through the implementation of cloud accounting software such as Xero, increasing your firm’s financial reporting capabilities in the long run. 

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