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As specialist manufacturing Accountants and Xero cloud accounting Advisers, we have partnered with Flowlens who are a MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We are here to provide local implementation and support as you adopt digital tools to streamline your business processes.


Who Can Benefit from Using Flowlens

Flowlens is perfectly suited to SME manufacturers who make equipment and machinery, such as:

⦁ Industrial machinery
⦁ Electronic and electrical engineering
⦁ Energy efficiency
⦁ Measurements and devices
⦁ Material handling
⦁ LED lighting
⦁ Water treatment
⦁ Waste management
⦁ Agricultural machinery

Automate Manual Processes

Xero cloud accounting is the perfect accounting platform whereby you can tailor this to your manufacturing requirements by integrating Flowlens cloud MRP software, thereby creating a seamless Xero manufacturing platform for your business.

Manual spreadsheets take up huge amounts of time and can result in human error – by implementing lean manufacturing software into your business, you can be sure that your business will run more smoothly and efficiently – Xero manufacturing software is the ideal solution for eliminating manual effort, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Flowlens is a cloud MRP software platform which integrates with Xero – with the right cloud MRP software in place, manufacturing businesses can streamline their planning, production and inventory control, putting them in a better position to plan operations and have the necessary tools to control and organise the logistics of their inventory.

Implementing manufacturing and accounting software into your business means you will minimise the risk of inventory shortages, resulting in your operation running on time and satisfied customers.

Affordable and scalable software is available to small manufacturing businesses who are looking to streamline their processes and reduce cost.

Manufacturers who use Xero will be able to use Flowlens to help them improve efficiency – with Cloud MRP software, you can automate most manual tasks, such as:

⦁ Inventory management
⦁ Product production
⦁ Sales
⦁ Stock
⦁ Invoices and purchase orders

What Are the Benefits?

Cloud MRP software for small manufacturing businesses has many benefits, such as:

⦁ Eliminates manual processes and admin errors
⦁ Information can be viewed in real time
⦁ Provides information about current orders
⦁ Forecasts material requirements and issues purchase orders
⦁ Links sales and accounting systems
⦁ Tracks the materials and activities for each order
⦁ Schedules production
⦁ Reduces wastage
⦁ It is cost effective and saves money
⦁ Improves staff morale and teamwork
⦁ Increases customer satisfaction
⦁ Improves profitability

Integrating Flowlens with Xero cloud accounting software is the perfect solution to streamline your manufacturing business.

How We Help

Our specialist Advisers will perform a review of your accounting function and processes. We will meet with your team to establish what reports are produced manually and what pain points you are experiencing within the business – we will then recommend where you can make possible long term savings and efficiencies.

We will agree a timeline with you and once the accounting and cloud MRP software have been implemented, tested and are working to your satisfaction, we will provide your team with training and ongoing support.

We can also help you migrate from old on-premise accounting packages to modern cloud systems such as Xero.

For further advice, contact Mark Tooby, Outsourcing Manager, on 0161 761 5231.

Alternatively, you can request a call back by using the form below.

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