How many spreadsheets do you currently use to manage inventory?

Do you know what you have in stock right now?

Unleashed is an inventory management tool which accurately manages inventory in real time.

It is perfectly suited to companies in the manufacturing industry who require a transparent accurate manufacturing process and want to achieve clarity and control – the software has every inventory management feature your business needs.

Unleashed simplifies the manufacturing process by using batch number tracking, serial number tracking, assemblies, auto assemblies, bill of materials, planning and production.

We outline below the benefits of integrating Unleased into your manufacturing business:-

Assembly (Bill of Materials)

Unleashed provides a centralised location for managing your recipes and Bill of Materials. It allows you to assemble component products before processing the sale – this saves you time and ensures an accurate finished goods cost. You can also track the amount of stock used and calculate any surplus.

Planning for Production

You can allocate stock to future assemblies and set minimum quantities for products to remind you to reorder before you need them for your next sale, making sure you can always fulfil orders – this ensures you can efficiently plan and purchase the stock for each assembly.

Manufacturing Process Management

Ensure you maintain accurate accountancy records as Unleashed provides an exact replication of the manufacturing process – the software allows you to see what quantities and cost of components are included in the finished product.

Multi-Channel Integration

With multi-channel integration you can save time and eliminate the need to re-enter data in a separate program as Unleashed integrates with accounting, eCommerce and POS platforms.

The reporting function enables you to see which channel is performing best and allows you to have one view of your stock levels in real time regardless of location. It enables you to track orders and keep customers happy.

Complete Visibility

Unleashed provides an end-to-end business solution as you have complete visibility of inventory management processes and transactions across sales channels, staff and warehouse – this allows you to make smart business decisions based on real time dynamic inventory intelligence.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Unleashed enables you to see what stock you have and where, so you can easily keep track of stock across multiple warehouses and locations – this makes reporting a doddle!


You can easily split your sales into multiple shipments – this means that you can send what products you have to the customer and order the balance, allowing the remaining order to be sent at a later date when you want to complete the sale.

Costed Purchase Orders

Unleashed lets you include all the costs associated with purchasing stock, ensuring you know exactly what profit you have made on each sale.

Third Party Assembly Costs

Third party assembly costs are any third party costs in addition to the cost of components – this may relate to freight costs, custom charges and other costs incurred from ordering stock. Unleashed enables you to add these costs to the manufacturing assembly process so that you get an accurate product cost.

Kitset Production

You are able to set up a Bill of Material for each kitset, so you can build kitsets as and when you need to – these processes are automated, saving you heaps of time and manual entry.


With Unleashed’s disassembly feature, you can reverse the assembly process automatically – you can also breakdown products from purchase.

Buy or Sell in Any Currency

You can buy or sell in any currency with all transactions converted back to your base currency enabling accurate reporting. This feature is a must if you import stock.

In addition, Unleashed can:

  • Integrate quickly and easily with Xero cloud accounting software.
  • Lead successful decision making by monitoring up-to-date KPIs across your business – you can easily look at your data to see what is driving performance.
  • Eliminate admin as Unleashed can be used across your sales channels – the software integrates seamlessly with the Unleashed Sales App whereby you can give sales people the live inventory information they need to close a deal whilst they are on the road.
  • Unleashed is committed to protecting your data as the software uses enhanced security features such as 2 step authentication and account controlled user access to keep your sensitive business data and users secure.


By integrating Unleased into your manufacturing business, you will be able to:

  • Keep your customers happy
  • Achieve efficiency
  • Save time
  • Scale your business
  • Manage supplier relationships
  • Grow sales
  • Increase profit and ROI

If you would like to find out more about how Unleashed can be used as a tool to automate and streamline your manufacturing business, please contact Lee Sugden or Mark Tooby on 0161 761 5231 or email