We have recently partnered with Flowlens, who are a MRP, CRM and service software solution to manufacturing SMEs.

When integrated with Xero, Flowlens is particularly beneficial to equipment and device manufacturers whereby it streamlines the full workflow from sales, orders, and material requirements planning (MRP) giving you control of production, inventory and after sales service in real time.

The cloud software works seamlessly with Xero cloud accounting software, is very user friendly and saves you time, thereby avoiding manual errors and problems down the line. Flowlens helps you to plan stock requirements and avoid shortages, which can stop production and affect cash flow.

One of the vital benefits of using the platform is the information in Xero and Flowlens is available to anyone who has permission to see it, therefore eliminating manual processes and errors.

Some of the other important benefits of using Xero with Flowlens are:

  • you can seamlessly transfer data between Xero and Flowlens without having to rekey the information;
  • you are able to get paid faster;
  • you can monitor the profitability of each job;
  • you can plan jobs and forecast material requirements, control cash flow and more.

By transferring to digital platforms, device and equipment manufacturers will benefit from a more profitable and sustainable business in the future.

To find out more and request a quote, please contact Mark Tooby, Xero Adviser, on 0161 761 5231 or email theteam@horsfield-smith.co.uk.